About Aden Nepom

Speaker – Executive Coach – Performer – Social Dynamics Expert

Aden Nepom is a pragmatic and playful advisor on communication, change and social dynamics.

Hi! I’m Aden Nepom. 

I’m a pragmatic and playful advisor on communication, change, and social workplace dynamics. I work with passionate leaders who want to positively impact their work, teams, and organizations. 

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Past Clients

I have worked with high-performing professionals across a wide variety of industries, providing the tools they need to level-up critical communication skills. 

Client experience includes:

The Federal Reserve Bank

Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Port of Portland


Americas SBDC




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Professional Speaker

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I am a passionate, engaging speaker, and have extensive experience presenting on a variety of topics, including:

People You Can’t Stand

Bring out the best in people at their worst…

You’re frustrated with broken promises and bad behavior… and you’re not alone! This hilariously practical and information-packed talk offers you ways to take the pain out of dealing with difficult people in the workplace… and possibly at home. 

Communicating Across the Divide

A guide to intergenerational communication

In this interactive talk you’ll gain insights into your work with the different generations represented around you. You’ll gain tools and practices to help break through bias and create a work environment that plays to everyone’s strengths.

Embracing Change

Making new choices instead of *safe* choices

A personal look at why you continue to fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over, particularly when it’s no longer working…and how to get UNSTUCK and out of that rut.

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