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How To Change The Way You Talk To Yourself

You must learn to speak purposefully to yourself to change your attitude for the better. You can develop a few quick-draw mental comments that help you to keep your sense of humor and perspective around difficulties. For example, here are some great things to say to yourself, with brief explanations of how they are true:

July 17, 2009 9

Can Self-Persuasion Be A Recipe For Financial Disaster?

GUEST POST TODAY! I did a radio interview with financial consultant Marc Pearlman of YourMoneyMattersRadio.com a few months back, and today, I’m giving him the microphone on my blog! Marc is going to tell you how to protect yourself from self-persuasion when it comes to financial decisions. Without further ado, here’s Marc!

June 17, 2009 0

What Do You Know About Fulfillment, Happiness and Feeling Good

What do I know about the difference between fulfillment, happiness and feeling good? If experience counts, I must know at least a little something about each of them!

About 15 years ago I made a video and audio program titled “The Happiness of Pursuit,” (so long before the Will Smith movie, Happyness of Pursuit) in which I made the claim that happiness in this moment leads to a more fulfilling pursuit in life, whereas pursuing happiness means it places finding it on variables outside your control

May 6, 2009 2

Habit and Cynicism, Obstacles to Progress?

When it comes to progress, cynicism is perfectly understandable. When you think about all the change you’ve witnessed or been promised in your lifetime, most things didn’t happen the way they were predicted to happen, most didn’t happen at all, and most of what did happen didn’t wind up where anyone said it would. When positive change is the promise, but everything actually remains the same or gets worse, well, it’s easy to become cynical.

March 24, 2009 3

What makes self-persuasion effective?

To the person who feels anxious about their place in life, or thinks they don’t deserve to be happy, or deserve to receive good from the world around them (and that’s more people than you might realize, might even be you!) the truth I tell is that you are no less deserving than anyone else. Not more deserving either.

January 7, 2009 1

What is the persuasion role of self persuasion?

This week, I’ll share with you a few items in order to answer the question, ‘What is the persuasion role of self-persuasion?’ First, I wish to point out that I end my live persuasion training program by telling my groups that the one thing you must believe in order to be persuasive is simply this: “I can do this.”

January 4, 2009 5