IMS launches a more holistic way to learn leadership skills

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IMS launches a more holistic way to learn leadership skills

December 13, 2010 Life Skills Technology 0

For over 35 years the Institute for Management Studies has been a small, but influential organization in the field of leadership development. In fact many well-known authors and speakers started their careers doing programs with the Institute. Faculty like Peter Drucker, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Ram Charan, Russell Ackoff, Marshall Goldsmith, and myself have all taught IMS programs. The Institute has over 400 sponsoring members and offices in 24 cities throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

My good friend Jon Peters started a sister company to IMS years ago, exploring ways to leverage technology to better leverage and distribute the knowledge that was coming through the doors of the Institute. The result was AthenaOnline, named after the Greek goddess of wisdom.

I had the great fortune of working with Jon on an interactive CD Rom back then, and the quality was such that we won a bunch of awards for the product, and even got reviewed in Wired Magazine, which called me a god of amiability! Pretty cool, right?

Athena has been breaking new ground in learning delivery for many years, pushing the boundaries by exploring 3D, virtual reality, video games, and mobile delivery – often years before other companies were even thinking about it. For the past several years Athena has led the way in delivering learning through small modules they call SmartBytes. The idea being that short bursts of wisdom delivered in an asynchronous way can help spur learning better than long online courses.

Now IMS and Athena are teaming up to deliver the best of both worlds in what they call Leveraged Learning, or L2.

Jon has made a really fun video that explains Leveraged Learning. He brought his background in design and his love for film together in this short piece that he and his talented team at AthenaOnline created. I highly recommend that you view the video to understand the learning model AND be entertained!   You can check it out on YouTube at:

I value my association with IMS deeply.  As a faculty member, they’ve placed me in front of tens of thousands of business managers and given me a real opportunity to make a difference in how business gets done.  And Jon is one of my favorite people.  He has numerous awards for his work in e-learning and media. While his background is in design and media, he has been in the learning industry for the past 15 years. Athena has allowed him to bring his passions and expertise together to try create compelling and engaging learning experiences.  I’m eager to see the benefits that come from this.

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P.S.  I’d love to hear your comments about seminars, workshops, and the potential of L2 to make a real difference in your learning and leadership.