The Art of Change Website Redesigned!

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The Art of Change Website Redesigned!

December 10, 2009 Popular 2

The Art of Change Website Redesign Great news to share!  First, though, you should know that I’m probably a lot warmer than you are at the moment.  We’re in Mexico, in a small town on the Caribbean coastline, sunning, sleeping, swimming and, er, redesigning websites.

That last bit?  Here I am on vacation, and I decided to use it to take down my website and replace it with something more useful, navigable and manageable.  It’s not unusual for me to work while we’re ‘vacationing.’  Over the previous years (we’ve been coming here for many years) I’ve written four books while vacationing here, and built a few websites too.

But this is one I’m really happy with.  It’s my main site for my business and I think it’s really cool now.   There’s a brand new shopping cart system too (try it out and let me know what you think of it), and I’ll be adding new digital items to my product mix as soon as we get back to the cold, um, I mean back home.

Consider this your invitation to take the new site design for a spin and let me know what you think of it.  You’ll find it at

Specifically, what do you think of the navigation menu?  Can you find what you need with it?  How about the color scheme?  And what do you think of the content?  What else would you like to see in the store?   I know I always say this here, but I mean it each time.  I’d love your feedback!

Stay warm,



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  1. Kell says:

    I’m having fun catching up on my blog reading this week! The new website looks great, Rick!

    Happy New Year!

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