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March 10, 2009 Mashup 0
Four minute workweek would be too much for some… (picture of Vicky Pollard from Little Britain courtesy of the BBC) … Basically, the more people who follow your tweets on twitter, and the more people who follow your blog, the more influence you carry.  Tell 100,000 people what you think about something, and you’ll
Pol-File #1: Jennifer
Hello Folks! APA for Progress is launching a new feature on our site! … do you think are necessary for your job? The ability to deal with difficult people is important … Henry Waxman’s district office. I help people who are having difficulties with federal agencies (ie
i start my new job tomorrow. *takes in a deep breath* if you didn’t know already, … my interview “based on your previous experience, how would you deal with difficult people, people who aren’t so cooperative?” i know you wouldn’t believe what i said, cos none of the people whom i’ve
Hard Road of
The paragraphs beneath the asterisks are a few disparate ideas on compassion, community, authenticity, and dealing with difficult and militant people or environments. I’ve pulled these paragraphs from a two-thread conversation I had a couple of months ago. Lately I’ve found that I’m still learning

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