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February 26, 2009 Mashup 1
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Recalculating … Life Lessons from a
I got my husband a fancy GPS thingy for his birthday … if you could work that into how you handle difficult people or situations. Kid can’t find his shoes
Feet, foot, toe, toes. The girls, the ladies, their feet. What? Are you thinking I’m crazy to talk about these? … do not require you to deal with too many people. You may face some obstacles before your thirties … . You can be more into other people’s business than your own. You love to show off to others and are usually very talkative
Is Happy For Now Happy Enough?
A couple of weeks ago, Jane of Dear Author wrote a wonderful post about the “journey of reading, … who have had a particularly difficult path to love, or for those who face what are undoubtedly difficult
Fast Credit Repair – You Can Do it Today! – peerfactor … is not really difficult ! People generally tend to disregard the simple strategies to fast credit repair … … boss . There will never be a deficiency of difficult people at your job … difficult
I have ranted about a few customer service places in the past, and I make no bones about doing so … about their driver. Like using turn signals and being respectful in the merge lane is all that difficult people, c’mon. So, today was a day that did not start out to be full of errands, it just turned
Loma People of Cote D’
Suppose we said, “Let’s throw out all the cactus and only keep the soft, gentle flowers of God’s garden … But we know that God has a different plan for these difficult people. The 9400 Loma people of northeastern … .” We think of sharp, prickly things as dangerous. Such are the Loma people. Their neighbors view
I drive around quite a bit at work. I will often go to the very North end of the county, or down south to the border, … talking about dealing with difficult people at work and in our lives. We all have people … or heaping on the guilt, we are annoyed and agitated by people who act in difficult ways. The speaker
Punches to
Here we are, Ash Wednesday. As I get older, when I think about it all coming down to ash once more as the sum total of my existence will be blowin’ … interaction is legislated to that degree is a real drag. People make things difficult. People make rules. Now, sure, we need some rules. But some people make up their own rules and expect

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