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The Healing
In 1993, William and Kathleen Lundin (pronounced lun-DEEN), business consultants, educators and community activists from Chicago, published The Healing Manager , one of a series of books they wrote during a prominent career working with business groups large and small on management, teamwork, productivity, and all-around organizational health
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How do you label someone who hates co-existing with others? who tends to be the object of hatred of most of his co-workers? … , all people can be difficult at times.  But if everybody looks at you that way? Man, you are really a difficult one. For some people, being difficult appears
Leading Women Who
I’m thankful to have the authors of Leading Women Who Wound here today to chat with them about a much-needed, crucial book … , so we wrote one. What are the major themes of the book? Personal attacks, difficult people
Life is so
Things just don’t work the way you want. Thats why we have to work hard for it. However, this is not usually the case … , and people requirements are demanding more. Study is important, but no matter how much effort you put in, life is still difficult. People demand and expect more. As a result, became jobless and useless
Dealing With
“Adversity makes you dynamic. Adversity endow you With faith in yourself … to give up or ‘it is not meant for us’ But, if we look at people who have achieved great things … people and other situations. The blame game may help us feel a little bit better, but, it doesn’
WORK HAS BEEN BLOODY AWESOME.   I absolutely love my job! :):):):):):):):) … communicate with strangers but also to deal and get along with ‘difficultpeople. Btw … while also getting to know my colleagues a lot better. Many of the people I work with are such cheery

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