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Dr. K Personal Site is TalkNatural.com

February 5, 2009 Must Reads Popular 4

Happy Superman Day to all!   (Don’t know what that means?  Just ask!  And if you do, it would be super of you to post a comment!)

Announcement:  It took me a long while to get around to it, but my personal website is now updated and online at http://www.TalkNatural.com

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What’s on my personal site?  Read on and I’ll tell you all about it!What you’ll find at TalkNatural.com is stuff that has little to nothing to do with my professional life, yet helped shape me into the person that does what I do professionally. 

There are currently 6 slideshows in the photo gallery for the handful of people interested in seeing pictures of my family, friends, history, and daughter (I assume that handful of people would actually consist of family, friends, people who knew me when, my daughter, etc.)  

I still have my old ‘That’s Funny’ humor archive up there, for people wanting to laugh at stale jokes from the 90s.  It’s also easier now to locate that hard to find area about sniping jokes that I’ve mentioned in seminars and speeches forever. And the music room contains a few of my often feeble attempts at recording (I’ve kept most such stuff to myself).  Lastly, the Chunky Dogg memorial remains intact.  What can I say.  I loved that ole’ dog, and though he’s been gone for years, I miss him still.

What with all the Facebook and MySpace and other such sites for personal relationships and connections, I’ve been reconnecting with so many people from my past who I thought had been left behind when I began chasing my future.  Still, there is something therapeutic and gratifying about working on a personal website while going through a cycle of loss, bereavement, illness in the family and sadness over all the hardship people I care about are going through.  I found great joy in going through my photographs, particularly the ones of my mother and father when they were young, and of my siblings when we were children.  

Ah, but I was so much older then.  I’m younger than that now. – Bob Dylan, My Back Pages

My online world now consists of the following:

There are places to comment all over the TalkNatural.com website, and I’d love to hear what you think if you think about it or think anything at all about it after you’ve had a chance to visit!  And if you have any pics from the past that you think ought to be included, send them to me, I can’t wait to see them. 

Be well,


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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    What is superman day?
    (I’m a fan of superman … the black and white, the early movies (some got corny) and I think Christopher Reeve wad a good role model)

    I think I get it – talknatural is your site, and it connects to all your stuff (you, your blog and your business.)

    – On talknatural, how come the Home page refers to you in the 3rd person, like it’s talking about you versus you just saying welcome and stuff? It also says “contract Dr. Kirschner” instead of “contact me”, but it also says “don’t blame us” — who’s us, if it’s not you?
    – On The Art of Change, it says get “our” podcast, but I thought it’s you?

    It’s always interesting to flip through pics and it’s so grounding about the simple things in life. What really matters.

    Chunky Dogg sounds like he was a key part of the family.

    I’ve learned lessons in loss, but loss always sucks:
    – make the most of the time you have with who you have, and you never really know how much time you have
    – helping, giving, sharing is how you heal
    – treat the people (and pets) in your life like a river, not a lake. It’s dynamic, not static. Continuously flow in life to help with the life that flows out.
    – flowing in life never replaces the holes in your heart, but it adds and grows your heart

    Have you thought of a memoir or life lessons learned book? You have a range of experience and your life stories are rich with lessons.

    • @J.D. Meier,
      Hi J.D., thanks for the comment. Well, the list of em! Here we go.
      Superman Day happens every Thursday in my private world. It exists for at two good reasons.
      1. I use it as a teaching device
      2. I have a bit of a fetish about Superman.

      The teaching device I’ll save for another time. The fetish part…I love the stranger in a strange world as a metaphor, and relate to it. I love the idea of personal sacrifice for the greater good. I love the idea of going meta, flying above the world in order to put things in their proper perspective. (I love the comic books, the movies, the cartoon series, graphic audio, all of it…and have just about all of it, too! Along with a number of artifacts on my walls that show my respect, love and appreciation for Kal-el.) And I love the primary colors of the man of steel, blue, red and gold. So every Thursday, I find a way to put on the colors. I use that day to remind myself of these things I value, and I celebrate the difference one person can make if that person is committed and determined.

      On to the website: I have no idea what you’re talking about! 😉 But FYI, third person is a valid perspective for writers, and helps writers to get things written from time to time. In this case, it was an incongruity that is now fixed. “They” fixed it. (They are the people who do the research, steal hubcaps and repair poorly written content) and “we” are delighted (We are me, myself and I.)
      I like the river vs lake metaphor, and will use it.

      As to writing a memoir, the time isn’t right to write it. I’m not done living my life, for one thing. And I’m more likely to take what my Dad has written of his life and craft it into something, and I won’t get to that until he’s gone. But I do have a great life story, at least for me! Today, in my class at SCNM, we will focus on narrative psychology and the use of story telling in health and illness, in culture, and in making change.

      Thanks J.D., your comments are always appreciated!

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    I checked out the site again … much better and more personable.

    I really like how they describe a memoir here (http://inkspell.homestead.com/memoir.html). It’s so cool to have a collection of meaningful moments with reflection. Your site reminds me of a living memoir, though maybe memoir is the wrong word.

    Superman definitely rocks. I never saw the comic book, but I always liked the black and white superman shows. One of my favorite I Love Lucy’s has Superman on it too. I think I may have had Superman underoos at some point too. The red, blue, gold is indeed powerful.

    Your class sounds way too cool and it reminds me of some interesting stories a friend of mine shared with me in his travels during his humanitarian work. I need to ask him again about the storytelling.

    • @J.D. Meier,
      Thanks J.D. I truly appreciated the feedback.
      I remember sitting on the floor cross legged glued to the tv for Superman and the Lone Ranger shows. And though underoos came later, we had superman pajamas.
      I’ll check out the link on memoirs when I get back from teaching. Just finished day two. I love this class!

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