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Falling ever so slightly out of love with Grazia January 6, 2009 Sales & Special Offers, Fashion, Gift giving, Bargain gifts, Sale shopping, Gift buying, Gifts for difficult people, Gifts for Her No Comments I love Grazia. I would have been very happy to get a Grazia subscription for Christmas (I still think magazine subscriptions
Very few people quickly admit their beliefs are wrong This blog has been a meeting place for many who have received huge challenges to their view … .  While I understand that some people are so abusive and unChristlike that it is better to stay away … opposition. Very few people quickly admit their beliefs are wrong.  Changing views is not easy
Read Psalm 6 The Incredible Therapy Of Prayer “The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer … , you will often see how David was downcast because of the challenges of dire circumstance, difficult people … .” Psalm 6:9 There are times, to be quite honest, when life stinks. Satan attacks, or people say
Workplace Conflict: FAQs — An Interview with Judy Ringer – 01/05/2009 Does conflict disrupt your workplace environment? Read on! … , Handbags, Fitness Gifts, Valentines Day, Gifts for difficult people, Gift buying, Gifts … … Dealing With Difficult People : Managing Negativity in the Workplace – 01/04/2009

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