Dr. K Resolves Not To Blog About Resolutions

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Dr. K Resolves Not To Blog About Resolutions

January 2, 2009 Persuasion 4

Seems to me that most bloggers are talking today about New Year’s Resolutions today.  I’ve decided to forgo that, and today I will tell you why, along with offering you my alternative. 

I don’t make resolutions, I think about goals for the year, imagine achieving them, and then develop the idea of what it means to achieve them in my imagination while I’m working out my strategic approach to fulfilling them.  I do think this time of year is a great opportunity to think about where you’ve been and where you’re going, and what you want to accomplish.  I do think that the future belongs to the change artists, not to the spectators.  I do believe that all things do not come to he (or she) who waits, but to the person that imagines and then takes action.  

This past week, I talked with a young friend about a habit I cultivated in myself years ago (through repetition and intensity) of think it-do it.  In other words, every time you think “I need to…” or “I should…” you immediately take action on it, instead of putting it off for another time.  Because the more you put off, the less likely you are going to do any of it.  

Persuasion skills are essential to thrive in this crazy economy, whether you’re in a big company or a small one, whether you’re self-employed or working for others, whether you’re in sales, management, parenting or getting along with your spouse.   I hope you’re persuaded.  I’m getting on with my goals.  How about you?  Comments are always welcome. 

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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    Good write up and great points.

    I like stepping into the future. I think of it as a quick dry-run of future possibilities.

    At the start of the year, I do a “road ahead” where I just think of the key outcomes I want, within my “Life Frame” (mind, body, emotions, career, financial, relationships, fun)

    I use an “agile results” approach to drive results daily/weekly/monthly:
    1. Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection.
    2. 3 Outcomes for the Day – each day carve out 3 outcomes/results I’ll accomplish
    3. Monthly Overlays – map out key outcomes I want against the 12 months
    4. Monthly Results – recap my results at the end of each month and course correct as needed

    It’s iterative, incremental, and adaptable

    I also do 30 day improvement sprints (well, monthly improvement sprints really) to nail add focus and to cycle through things I want to learn.

    That said, I’m also doing a few experiments this month:
    1. vision boards (just some nice pics in a slide deck that I can scan)
    2. goal workshop – focused on “compelling whys”
    3. character dev – chart a list of favorable attributes/traits
    4. experience map – chart a list of “experiences” to have under my belt
    5. goals/outcomes/objectives

    I might write some posts to clarify goals/objectives, since I see a lot of confusion. I see people complain about lack of “SMART” goals, but really, it’s the objectives that need to be SMART.

    If there’s one success pattern I’ve noticed it’s setting a direction, taking massive action, and correcting course along the way. As simle as it sounds, my Monday vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern is incredibly effective for daily, weekly, monthly results.

  2. Over here in England there was an old comedy called “Hancock’s Half Hour” (no relation). I was listening to an episode yesterday.. it was the new year (1956!) and Hancock was looking over diary entries for the previous year, and thinking about all the opportunites that might have been, had he just done something about them.

    He then went into “wishful thinking” mode, over what might have been. Personally, I find that’s a very unhelpful way of thinking.

    Like you, I don’t make “resolution”… they’re almost set up to be broken! Instead, I use the time to reflect a little on the past, but more on the future, both where I intend to be, and more important…

    … How I Intend To Get There…

    … and what little steps I need to do each day, to get there.

    I’ve found I’m much more productive when I chunk down into “little steps”, that are easily “do-able” each day.

    For example, I’ve started writing 1 article a day for my new site, to submit to EzineArticles. Sure, I’m not churning them out like some people, but it means I’m not going to burn out, and by the end of the year, that will be 365 articles.

    Anyway, I found your post inspirational!

    Paul Hancox, Optimal Persuader

    • I like your approach. Step by step, article by article, an achievable goal that requires a credible stretch instead of a burn out. Thanks for the comment, Paul, and do come back to comment again!

      best wishes,

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