(returning from)Holiday Special

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(returning from)Holiday Special

December 18, 2008 Dealing with Difficult People Popular 2

It’s been 18 days of hearing the ocean rolling in and out each day and night, feeling the breeze blowing across the Caribbean and against my skin, watching the clouds roll by in every direction and in the most marvellous patterns, and noticing the changes in the deposited seaweed on our sunrise and sunset beach walks, peddling our bicycles to town and back each day, snorkeling and land snorkeling, dreaming in the hammock and sleeping on the beach chairs.  Now it’s time to face reality…er, return to civilization…um, go home and get back to business – well, a little business…I will do my best to continue being lazy as long as possible and as much as possible, at least until Jan 2!  But who am I kidding?  Because bottom line, vacation is officially over when I close the laptop today.  Why? 

Because I’m flying back to the USA today, and then driving a few hours home tomorrow or the next day, depending on the weather.  From what we can see online about our route home, the weather outside, by all reports, is frightful.  

I committed this year to three blog posts a week, and I’ve kept that commitment for nine months straight.  I won’t be derailed by travel or inclement weather, but a little flexibility is called for.  So I’ve decided to post Friday’s post today, before heading to the airport.   It’s a recording of a radio program I did on Thanksgiving, on the Jefferson Exchange.  It’s 17mb, an hour long, so be patient.  I hope it helps you to have a happier holiday season, or make you smile, or distract you in a pleasant way for at least a little while.  I’ll be back for my regularly scheduled content posts next week.  Until then, stay cool, stay warm, and best wishes for a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Interview with Keith Henty of the Jefferson Exchange


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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    Welcome back and best wishes for a safe trip home!

    • Thanks, J.D. Much appreciated. Had an interesting experience just on the journey home involving a bit of persuasion, might post about it (first I’ll write it up and see if I’m persuaded that it’s worthwhile)

      Happy holidays to you! I greatly appreciate all your comments this past year. You’ve certainly brought out the best in the blogger in me!


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