Nan Russell of Work Matters Interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner

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Nan Russell of Work Matters Interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner

September 17, 2008 Media 2

Nan Russell, of the Internet radio show Work Matters, recently interviewed Dr. Rick Kirschner on the Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion. You can listen to the interview by following this link. 


2 Responses

  1. J.D. Meier says:

    I like your point that leaders are born and made. I also agree that you should find the 3rd alternative and be flexible in what you want when you talk to persuade.

    Here’s the key question — what’s the approach when there’s no WIIFY for the other person? (these are classic authority scenarios)

    I find influence without authority is most effective when it really means speak in the other person’s currencies, be flexible, create a larger solution for everyone to play .. etc. I think the trick is when you have responsibility but no authority, and there is no genuine 3rd alternative that’s mutually beneficial. What’s best practices for those scenarios?

  2. Great comment J.D.

    For me, there’s always a WIIFY for the other person or group. Maybe it’s something more generic, or something more specific, but it’s there. I developed a motivational model (Kirschner Motivational Model) that identifies six categories of towards and away motivations, and find that at least one of them covers anyone at any particular time. Every person has needs, interests and motivations. Identify and speak to it, and you’ve got a persuasive contest.

    But now you’ve got me totally intrigued! Can you provide a specific scenario where there’s no WIIFY for the person you want to influence but where you have no authority?

    best wishes,

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